Rabbits can eat birch and poplar branches and twigs fresh from the tree. need to add to our list? If your rabbit’s behavior remains normal, then there is no need for immediate medical attention. Apple sticks can be commonly bought in bundles to give to rabbits. That's why a rabbit that suddenly stops eating is a big concern.It may not seem like a big deal if your dog, cat, or other pet skips a meal, but if a rabbit does, it may be an indication of an emergency situation. And a bored rabbit is a naughty rabbit. Fiddle Sticks Bridge. only have 8-12 more years of stress and anxiety left to deal with. They are curious animals. Anything that you’ve deemed chewable can be sprinkled or rubbed with catnip to try to get them to chew that instead of other things. These have also come up already in this post but we more They eat, they run and they jump a lot every chance they get. (For more information on how to keep your house AND bunny safe from one-another, read the ZoohPaper Getting Moved In.) Make sure your floors are clear of socks, shoes, and other chewable items. The real danger is when your rabbit has access to unsafe varieties of wood for prolonged periods of time. Put the old safe boxes to use and experience the signals you Try to give plain cardboards without any printed ink on top of it so you won’t have to worry about your pet rabbit getting poisoned with the ink. They can have twigs, branches, or leaves fresh from a tree if you … It’s also something I What Kind of Rabbit Blanket is Best? You can give them occasional treats that are also healthy, such as certain fruits and sweet vegetables such as carrot. Clearly, we don’t need to know the ins While young, growing rabbits can eat any type of grass hay, alfalfa hay is not recommended for adult rabbits, as it is too rich in protein and too high in calcium. First, it’s free. #5- Various Homemade or Commercially Purchased Toys. What To Avoid? Give the rabbit something that is ok for him to chew on instead and something that it will enjoy more such as apples, willow, aspen branches, pine etc. This is more of a treat than a chew toy, but it doubles down This generally means that planks and furniture made with pine are fine, but not pine shavings or pine-based litters. Wood is tough for rabbits to chew on, and they can rarely ingest it fast enough to cause a significant amount of damage. “Feeding the house rabbit 6: twigs and branches.”, Harriman, Marinell. Never let your rabbit chew on cotton or polypropylene twine. Pellets are extremely tasty and rabbits often prefer them to hay, so having unlimited pellets available can mean young rabbits eat little or no hay, a habit that can cause dental problems and make them more prone to digestive issues. petsial.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. In the wild, rabbits have plenty of roots, twigs, and bark to chew through, but as house pets we need to give our rabbits more options. They will always get plenty of use. Toys are important to your rabbits' health and happiness as they encourage your pets to perform natural behaviours such as digging, jumping, chewing and chin rubbing. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and behavior of these small mammals. My rabbit, Cosmo, lives inside of a nice wood hutch and matching bunny run (3' x 3' x 3') and to top it all off, it's inside of my room. Puppy Teething and Biting: What To Expect laying around, you probably have a decent amount of time and supplies to keep The creamy snack will do nothing for rabbits, except possibly give them a tummy ache. It prevents a number or dangerous health conditions that could develop later in life, and it can solve a number of... Why Do Rabbits Breathe Fast and When is it Dangerous? You also want to avoid toys that use a lot of glue or use a type paint that is not safe for rabbits. If a rabbit spends too much time alone or isn’t given enough mental stimulation, it will chew to entertain itself or get attention from its owner. There are some types of wood that are toxic to rabbits and other types that need to be dried before they can be given to rabbits. pellets (make sure they are rabbit Cardboards are mainly made of cellulose making them safe even if your rabbit ingests them. Don’t Make The Mistake, Can You Use Human Nail Clippers on Rabbits? Paper or Cardboard Chews You can also give your rabbits cardboard to chew on. other safe woods can be great. at a time because they don’t last forever. rabbits’ diet in addition to the hay and pellets. There are many toys available at pet stores for rabbits, although for a more cost effective toy you can look to the outdoors. Either way, they are cheap and an excellent safe for rabbit. Aspen falls into this important to understand that there should be a category of their own. This can include the glues used, nuts and bolts or even the type of wood used to throw some of these easy to make toys together. Even woods that are safe for rabbits should sometimes be avoided if they have been painted or varnished, such as furniture. So it’s best to pay attention and make sure you only give your rabbit non-toxic varieties of wood and branches to chew on. Find out more about the RHDV2 virus in your area at The House Rabbit Society. No, you If you are going to give your guinea pig wood to chew on then make sure it is untreated. only eat apples in moderation due to the sugar for your bunny, toilet paper rolls may perhaps be my number 1 recommendation on Having a pet rabbit in the house can be quite fun to have around. Certain types of tree branches also prove beneficial for a rabbit’s chewing needs. You can feed both the stalk (sprigs) and the leaves to bunnies. Consistency is king. 2. We clearly have some do’s, and some do not’s on our list [11] What Sounds Do They Make? The more toys, and the greater variety, the better. chew on and they typically last much longer than other options on this list. Let’s start with a little history . Following is a list of toys, some that can be bought, some that can be found around the house. Once you have the golden rule of monitoring and observing your canine down, you can delve into the more intricate ins and outs of new puppy parenthood. You can find them just about anywhere. Well here’s the thing. Either way, they are cheap and an excellent safe for rabbit. There are plenty of items they can Rabbits don’t need a lot of pellets though. Be sure to drop a Spinach should be given to your rabbit fresh. Chewing is mainly a behavior in rabbits because it helps them to keep their teeth trimmed down. haven’t been providing any other good options to your rabbit up to this point. Using This List Should Provide Plenty of Bunny Safe Chewing safely used by attaching or fixing to the cage in either a side wall mounted Hay should never be an item your bunny is without. Cardboard is fantastic for your rabbit, but you need to ensure you Lots of toys are also great for keeping your rabbit’s mind healthy. this list. If they have repeated exposure to woods, shavings, or varnishes that are unsafe, then rabbits can potentially develop digestive or liver complications. If you need a safe, cheap chewing toy forget to place other items for your small animal to chew on? This type of wood contains phenols that are toxic to rabbits when fresh. Your rabbits' diet plan should include clean water and at least one bundle, about the size of your pet, of high-quality hay per day. Puzzle toys can be a great mental enrichment for rabbits. Keep an eye on your rabbit to make sure they are eating and pooping regularly, and monitor their energy levels. Give your rabbit some pellets. You also want to avoid any fresh pine since this contains phenols that can cause liver damage in rabbits. bunny to have constipation or stomach pain. Rabbit paws can become trapped in these gaps. nutritional item that your bunny should always have permanent access too. The Importance. caution. Try Rabbit Repellent Sprays . What appears to be very fast breathing, may just be the normal respiratory rate of your rabbit. (For more information on how to keep your house AND bunny safe from one-another, read the ZoohPaper Getting Moved In.) If your rabbit is under five pounds, feed just one-eighth of a cup. make sure you avoid the woods that we discussed previously in this post if you Can you give your rabbit cardboard? This is where you want to be a little bit careful. rabbit to chew on but in most circumstances, your rabbit will play with these However, you still need to be cautious. Provide more. It’s also a safe wood to use for furniture as long as there isn’t any extra paint or toxic varnish. Despite their small size, teething kittens can damage your furniture, clothes and shoes with their chewing. My goal in this post today is to give you 15 items that your bunny can safely chew on with no worries or anxiety shifted to you as the owner and as a bonus, I’ll by lack of pooping or even a lack of appetite. Yep, depending on how easily you can access twigs around the A rabbit's diet can be supplemented with herbs, plants and flowers to eat but it is important to know which are safe to feed and which are poisonous to rabbits. Your bunny needs a way, and when you can find free or Not only are toilet paper rolls excellent for your Use a deterrent such as spraying the rabbit with a water bottle or putting a nasty tasting substance such as bitter apple spray on things the rabbit likes to chew. But we want to make sure to keep our rabbits safe and only give them access to types of wood that are actually good for them. However, not all bunnies will like rosemary. This is important to know when we decide what is a healthy diet for our house rabbits. You must be careful It did. Menards and you will be just fine. home! The good so he's always disinfected (his tile floor and blankets) and has great temps to relax and play in. are going to construct your own. If that’s the case, don’t bother your rabbit. Blankets can make a great addition to your pet’s hutch. and easy fix to give your bunny something to do and occupy their mind. You can get willow twig balls for rabbits to chew on and toss around, or you can get bundles of willow sticks for your rabbit. And since veterinarians are frequently faced with treating fractured teeth in dogs, it is an important question to answer properly. Peanut Butter. link to Why Do Rabbits Breathe Fast and When is it Dangerous? Your bunny should receive only few slices of tomato once in a while because tomatoes contain high level of sugar so eating too many may cause obesity, digestion issues and other serious health problems. Keep an eye on them to protect yourself and Just be safe with it and understand, you are likely to have Rabbits should Increasing the area your rabbit has access to will give him more space to be active and play with toys instead of chewing the bars. Are those branches ok or should my bunny just wait until I can get to the store and get her some chewy toys? So, what’s the best solution to this issue? Local them go to town on them, or if you really prefer, they can chew on cotton Chewing off the bark and even eating the soft wood inside helps wear down their teeth, that grow constantly throughout their life. It’s not necessarily which toy you choose to you but Ultimately the choice is yours, but this is another quick Just be sure that these are untreated if you want to give them to your rabbit to chew on. You can also get wicker baskets and furniture that are made from willow. Rabbits love to chew on things. Caring For a Rabbit Before and After Neuter or Spay Surgery. They don’t have to be dried. balls that you can order on Amazon or pick up at a local pet store can be a If you have any of these bushes in your backyard, you can cut a few twigs off and give them to your rabbit fresh. Follow the Bunny Lady and her bunny partner Elusive and they seek to educate rabbit caretakers and make sure everyone is able to have a happy and healthy bunny in their home. Chewing is not only a natural and normal activity for rabbits, but is also necessary to keep their teeth worn down. One of the safest toys that your active rabbit can have is an empty toilet paper roll. Wolves adopted pack-living to hunt larger prey. Many rabbits don't mind the taste, though—some even seem to like it—so this may be worth a try but isn't usually effective. It's important to provide your rabbit with a constant supply of fibrous material to chew on and wooden twigs and branches make a cheap and easily replenished sources of roughage you can give them. Plus, bunnies teeth grow continuously and they must have safe wooden toys to chew on to help keep them filed down. Items that are safe for rabbits to chew on: hay! Don’t use boxes from department stores such as Lowes or even Provide your kitten with appropriate toys and items to chew to help prevent damage to yourself and your home and protect your cat from chewing and swallowing things that may harm her. It is important that they be prepared and dried before giving them … Pine that has undergone a certain drying process is safe for rabbits to chew on. or can be bunny safe. A thoroughly cleaned out cardboard salt container with the metal parts removed can be fun as well. Toys can also help attend to your bunny’s chewing needs, as they absolutely love to chew. Provide 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pellets for every 6 pounds of body weight. your bunny and some items are not so great. Yep, another often overlooked item on this list. Your rabbit needs to chew and dig on a continual basis. When you give your guinea pig cardboard be sure to check for any adhesives or other toxic materials first. Apple and pear trees are safe for rabbits. pellets) are two main food groups for your rabbit, but many individuals Therefore, give your bunny these cereals as occasional treats keeping the amounts to about a teaspoon per 2 pounds of your bunny weight a day, i.e., this is the total amount treats your bunny can eat in a day. If your rabbit is resorting to the chewing carpet, it’s likely because you What toys can I give my rabbit? Even though a diet consisting of hay, vegetables and pellets normally is enough to keep the teeth nice and short, it is advisable to give the rabbit fresh twigs and branches to chew on once in a while. Especially for a young rabbit, or a particularly chew-conscious rabbit, chew-toys need to be interesting (which a chew stick is not, even if it's dyed orange and shaped like a carrot) and plentiful. Plus, bunnies teeth grow continuously and they must have safe wooden toys to chew on to help keep them filed down. Keeping your rabbits’ teeth filed down is equally important as keeping your rabbits’ nails in good, clean shape. More often this is because of the varnish or finish on furniture, rather than the type of wood that is used. There are caveats to this: Never offer a blanket that contains holes. It … This is another item on the list that it’s safe, but you present. Getting your rabbit spayed (female) or neutered (male) is a responsible decision. Any store 2 mm per week). Rabbits need to eat their body-size in fresh hay each day… continue reading. In addition, many of the toys you choose to use can be more That will increase the chances that they’ll go for the “chew approved” item over something you care about, and can help develop the habit even after the catnip has rubbed off. Well, at least I’d hope it’s free, and that use toilet paper around the home for other reasons. should be around when allowing your rabbit to chew on apples. like most pet owners do, be sure just to purchase the good old regular chew purchased chew sticks will not come from one of the dangerous trees we yard or the property, they are another perfectly safe method you can use for You can stuff the toilet paper roll with hay to make your bunny even happier. household towels. aren’t using cardboard that you may have mistakenly missed the dye being . a mess to clean up when they are done chewing away. think to yourself, what can my bunny chew on but also enjoy playing it? Avoid giving adult rabbits alfalfa, as it is too high in protein, calcium, and sugar. Your rabbit should always have toys available to play with, as rabbits that do not get proper mental stimulation often resort to destructive behaviours to pass the time. This also means that it is safe to give your rabbit a blanket that is made from 100% cotton materials. Chords can be deadly for your small animals including rabbits. This is because many objects that are marketed for rabbits are not actually safe for them and because rabbits also chew on other household objects that they shouldn’t. I think they sel lthese things at Petco, or petsmart. Following is a list of toys, some that can be bought, some that can be found around the house. discussed previously in this post. to chew. coming from safe wood options that your bunny can eat. If you rabbit has dont this for a while, you can buy lots of toys and you can get pieces of wood from the pet shop. If this is the case, take your bunny to the vet as soon as possible. Bunnies are no different. cardboard is going to come from leftover boxes that you have but not always. Check out VET RESOURCES. If You don’t even need to remove the thorns, rabbits don’t seem to mind at all. 5. Be sure to feed grass hay (rather than alfalfa) if you are feeding your young rabbit … Just be sure to wash them first. Wicker chew I also got other things for them to roll around the cageo r play with. Yep! even offering rabbit chew mats. 3 Items Your Bunny Should Never Chew On, No Matter What! Use chord Branches that are outside could be harboring bugs or they may have been sprayed with harmful chemicals or pesticides. However, just because rabbits like to chew on anything they can get their teeth on, doesn’t mean they should. always think of hay as eating only when it creates a tremendous chewing item Additionally, it’s 100% “Literboxes and Liver Disease.”. and outs on every item on this list but learning what’s good and what’s bad for Give your rabbit plenty of fresh hay–oat hay, timothy, orchard grass hay, and replace two times or more a day. safe for your rabbit. Hay is important for rabbits because it provides the essential fiber needed for good digestive health and it helps wear down a rabbit’s teeth (which continuously grow) for good dental health. Give your rabbit hay and grass. What you want out of a chew toy is twofold: you want something a cat will actually be inclined to use, but you also want something that’s durable enough to handle constant gnawing. and provide some much-needed exercise. category. These are also relatively cheap options for your bunny to Yet another item on our list that needs you to exercise Most good rabbit toys will cost some money. It is More Than Just Making Sure the Teeth Aren’t Too Long Because it Feels Uncomfortable for the Rabbit. ensuring that you are aware that willow is a 100% safe option for your bunny to Things like branches from an apple or willow tree and a few chewable toys might also be worth considering. Rabbits need chew toys for physical and mental stimulation, and to naturally wear down their teeth, which are continually growing. Can I Give My Rabbit a Toilet Paper Roll? The more alternative items to chew on, and the greater variety, the better. Cotton and polypropylene ropes are unsafe for rabbits. Potatoes Sticks or blocks are fine but you need to avoid cedar and pine wood as they emit strong odors which can actually cause damage to your guinea pigs lungs. practices and what our pets should have and what they shouldn’t have. I am a lifelong rabbit lover and have been specializing with rabbits at my local animal shelter. Keep baby gates up and use a puppy pen when you can’t be in the room. Spinach is healthy for both you and your rabbit. Additionally, a large piece of plastic could cause your Rabbits should ONLY eat grass hays (but not much of alfalfa after they are weaned), pellets (not too much-certainly not an entire bowl full-depending on the size about 1/4 cup a day or so)Oxbow preferably, assorted fresh veggies from a rabbit safe list-you can find one at www.adoptarabbit.org under "health and diet" and occasional fruit treats. Chew toys give your rabbit something new to have fun with, giving them the chance to explore different textures and flavors. Keep it cheap but keep great option to satisfy these needs for your rabbits. sure our bunnies get to act on their natural impulses and keep chewing as long In a nutshell, they are woven grass mats and knitted with BUNNY 911 – If your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately! The varieties are nearly endless on this list for cage bunny but what about if we look at the other end of the spectrum. If your rabbit is changing the environment, try to feed him the same food as before. Rabbits breathe much faster than humans do. sticks. pet stores, or other online vendors and they only cost about 5 bucks. purchased chew sticks. Chewing off the bark and even eating the soft wood inside helps wear down their teeth, that grow constantly throughout their life. Health Care Basics. As you may have figured I’m a new rabbit owner and I know they have sensitive systems so I’m a bit timid to give him new things to eat or chew on haha; either way thank you for taking the time to read this! Before going outside to grab some branches for your rabbit to munch on, you should take some precautions. Who everywhere on the internet. Rabbits need a natural high-fibre vegetarian diet. Can Bunnies Chew Carpet? Some woods can be toxic. The recommended types of hay for wild rabbits are oat, and timothy. essential safety for your rabbit. or acts like, you can see our post here detailing that for you. If you have a nice supply of other cardboard You should be able to notice this electrical outlet. Pick the safe items on the list above to ensure that your rabbit is never Some rabbits kept in captivity mainly chew on things because they have nothing else to do. We give our rabbits a multitude of fun toys to keep their chomping teeth busy, and sometimes they’ll decide to go after our furniture or baseboards too. Pet rabbits often seem to chew on anything they can get their teeth into. news, that time flies so enjoy it. Never give it spinach that has gone bad (wilted, smelly and slimy). your rabbit to chew on or merely order some aspen chew sticks on the internet. don’t need to give your rabbits the cotton towels hanging in your bathroom or Pine cones are ideal for rabbits that love to chew, and can result in hours of fun. Pine and cedar shavings are commonly sold as litter, but they should be avoided since they can cause liver problems. Chocolate is really bad for rabbits. It's important to provide your rabbit with a constant supply of fibrous material to chew on and wooden twigs and branches make a cheap and easily replenished sources of roughage you can give them. You can buy a big bunch for yourself and share the leftovers with your pet. How can I tell if my rabbit is actually being destructive? timothy hay in most circumstances. comment below so we can begin keeping our rabbits safer and working together to Your rabbit will likely chew the fabric of the blanket. content, but nonetheless, fruits and vegetables are essential to your These materials are often swallowed in long strings, which can form obstructions in the gut. Who knows if you get a flat tire, must travel out of town or A rabbit who has only a stick, a log, or a piece of two-by-four to chew on, is going to be a bored rabbit. Yes, hay is something that split the boxes apart. that they are not at danger of choking. Willow is a common material for rabbit toys. out? Subscribe to the Bunny Lady e-Newsletter and receive a FREE pdf guidebook going over all the basics of rabbit care. Rabbits will all have their favorite types of branches and twigs. In fact, aspen is often recommended for shavings for the bottom of as their heart desires. on great chew toys for your rabbits? your rabbit msy be doing this coz he/her is bored. Make sure you are supplying plenty of hay as well. A hard plastic teething ring would make an excellent, durable chew toy for a bunny, and would give him hours of entertainment. [Don’t Make This Mistake, Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome 13 Signs and Symptoms to Watch For. What Are Good Best Famous, Unusual Unique Funny Cute Rabbit Names? The wild rabbits in your yard will have an abundance of grass to chew on, but will probably not have ready access to hay. There are plenty of varieties that are safe to your bunny. Can Pet Rats Eat Dog Food? Toilet paper tubes are extremely popular, as are cylindrical oatmeal boxes. Since their teeth grow continuously, it’s important to a rabbit’s health that they always have something to chew on. Twigs, branches and leaves from rose bushes are completely safe for rabbits to chew on. Can Pet Rabbits Survive in The Wild? My foster rabbits have used carpeted ramps for years, to enter and exit high cages, to get from one floor of a cage to another, and to enter--via the window--our rabbit-proofed back yard to play. Similarly, pine cones are safe for rabbits but only after they have been thoroughly dried. It’s often a matter of context when it comes to determining your rabbit’s behavior, says Dr. Krempels. Safe fruit, veg, herbs and plants. It is important to know what foods your rabbit can and can’t eat. Have a wonderful day and happy holidays! As with companion dogs, chocolate has no place in your rabbit’s diet. that’s usually okay. You can give them rose petals as a yummy snack every once in a while. Rabbits under one year old can be fed alfalfa pellets. #3- Unsafe Household Items Such as Trim, Cords, and other Wood Finishes, The Final Word. In a perfect world rabbits would only have access to wood and branches from trees and bushes that are non-toxic for rabbits. your rabbit chews on it, but it’s not safe for your rabbit for several reasons. Did you know that if it’s not harvested and cut back yearly, cotton plants can actually grow into trees? The seeds can be harmful to your rabbit. Chocolate. So, we now know which items are entirely safe to offer your your bunny enjoying a day doing what they do best. Also known as cos lettuce, this commonly used salad green is a good source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and a number of vitamins.. Several sources also list it as a safe type of lettuce for rabbits to eat, so romaine lettuce is safe to feed to your bunny.. Can Rabbits Eat Iceberg Lettuce? I’m not kidding even in the slightest. love to chew and dig on various items. Anyone who knows how rabbits behave understand that they Bunnies are one of the animals First, I have OCD and never want to risk my furry friend not dirt-cheap options to provide your bunny, it’s a win-win. They will chew all day if given the opportunity. link to Caring For a Rabbit Before and After Neuter or Spay Surgery. Many rabbits will enjoy eating rose flowers too. Pellets can also offer your rabbit some valuable nutrition and something appropriate to chew on. educate each other on being fantastic rabbit owners. Adult rabbits can eat timothy, grass, and oat hays, while younger rabbits should be fed alfalfa. So provide plenty of alternatives on which your rabbit can safely chew. Woods that are good for a rabbit to chew include pine firewood and untreated pine lumber (attach it to the cage so it does not move). Unfortunately there are many ways for rabbits to come into contact with types of wood that are unsafe for them. Rabbits love to chew, so treats like Peter’s Fruit Salad Bowl—which contains Timothy hay, dehydrated apple and cranberries—can make meal time more fun and get those nutrients into your pet. They can have twigs, branches, or leaves fresh from a tree if you have one in your yard. Here is a list of healthy treats for bunnies. You could use aspen wood to either handcraft your toys for If there does happen to be something wrong with the rabbit’s teeth, discovering it as soon as possible will give them the best chance of recovering. It is very common for me to see cedar hutches being sold, for example, even though this type of wood is bad for rabbits. It should when it comes to becoming an ethical pet owner. even throw in a few significant items that bunnies should never chew on. , Sudden rabbit Death Syndrome 13 Signs and Symptoms to Watch for off the bark and fruit!: //rabbit.org/journal/1/liver-disease.html, Bergstrøm, Camilla because they are fun, and other household items is essential! Can look to the outdoors you want your rabbits cardboard to chew on for these pets because rabbits... Floors are clear of socks, shoes, and would give him or her leaves... One-Eighth of a treat than a chew toy for most rabbits present when your rabbit s... Plants can actually grow into trees a large piece of plastic will not come one... This contains phenols that can cause liver problems from rose bushes are safe for rabbits, except possibly give to... An empty toilet paper roll rabbit snacks that offer additional nutritional value rabbits and educate volunteers on the list to! Body language and understand, you can also get wicker baskets and furniture that are safe for use be. Avoid any fresh pine since this contains phenols that can cause liver problems can I give rabbit. Plugged into an electrical outlet the sweet treat can be commonly bought in bundles to give rabbit... Although for a few chewable toys might be suitable for playful rabbits t have not kidding even in room... A high priority who knows how rabbits behave understand that they love to on! Higher protein and sugar because rabbits like to chew and tunnel under blankets, so it ’ s to! Healthier habits Human Nail Clippers on rabbits of hay are orchard grass hay,,! Recommended wood to use and experience the signals you get from a tree you. Cellulose making them a favorite toy among many rabbits on rabbit-safe branches keep! For our house rabbits the greater variety, the better it enjoying fresh vegetables to! ' that are made from willow with the metal parts removed can be commonly bought in bundles sticks... Dig on a continual basis imagine a rabbit ’ s the best solution to this is... My local animal shelter can have and plenty of items they can have is an what can i give my rabbit to chew on question to answer.! Chewing off the bark and even eating the soft wood inside helps wear down their teeth grow continuously, is. Slightly sweeter wood, making it a more tempting type of chew toy, but should... Who do not items that need to remove the thorns, rabbits don ’ t eat the bin! Can chew safely get wicker baskets and furniture that are within reach is not only a natural and activity. Chew all day if given the opportunity nothing for rabbits to come into contact types! Active rabbit can and can result in hours of entertainment the creamy snack do... From one of the wild rabbit diet says Dr. Krempels for the rabbit time so! Careful that the rooms they play and interact inside of are proofed and safe for but! Have in my yard are African willows he 's always disinfected ( his tile floor and blankets and. Rate of your rabbit is actually being destructive the current pricing > > > > Click here (! M not kidding even in the way of homemade toys made from 100 % safe for rabbits isn t. Teeth grow constantly throughout their life are fun, and timothy power to them pick a... Than I expected has great temps to relax and play in. from of! Rabbit ’ s hutch rabbit plenty of items they shouldn ’ t believe you earn! To add to our list that needs you to exercise caution to do ( male ) a! Litter, but not pine shavings or pine-based litters in 12-24 hours, a... Not harvested and cut back yearly, cotton plants can actually grow into trees precautions! Amount of damage eye problems these treats to include the various fruits and sweet vegetables such as trim Cords. Roll with hay to make sure your floors are clear of socks, shoes and. Wood for prolonged periods of time homemade toys made from willow meat rabbits is prohibited state and some. Much small amounts wood is safe for rabbits, except possibly give them occasional treats that are could! In local pet stores are made from willow wood or store purchased chew sticks will come! Mean they should be able to notice this by lack of pooping even. Furniture can sometimes pose a problem for rabbits as well tender twigs and other chewable items worth..

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