It also features an easy-open latch that allows for one-arm operation. A few pros and cons to help you mentally and financially justify adding a rear bumper. Every one of these has benefits depending on what you’re looking for. The quicker and lower cost option is using an off the shelf product such as paint or bed liner. The base steel bumper (no swing arms) weighs in at 130lbs and the base aluminum model (no swing arms) comes in at just 64lbs. Add to cart. If you feel comfortable, go for it. Oftentimes fabricators will produce a similar-looking bumper, tailored for your truck at a lower cost than some mainstream companies. In this video, we show you how to remove the OEM rear bumper on your 5th Gen 4runner and replace it with a C4 Fabrication rear bumper. Thanks to the supported design, the swing-outs can handle the additional weight of common accessories despite their aluminum construction. They built parts for our 4Runner, Tacomas, Tundras, and other common platforms. Mounts directly to frame using 14 factory mounting points – no drilling required. The proline 4×4 rear bumper is by far the most cost-effective bumper for your 4Runner. The bumper is an expedition style rear bumper featuring a rear modular swing arm allowing a variety of different arrangements with their bolt on, interchangeable accessories including a gas can holder, roof rack ladder, mountain bike rack and Hi-lift jack mounts. I used Satin Black Texture from Prismatic Powders. As with all things, there’s always room for improvement but I think Coastal has knocked it out of the park on this kit. The C4 bumper can ship in a few different models from a bare bumper to one with all the bells and whistles. The Hitchgate Max is the most heavy-duty version of the lineup. Shrockworks offers a CNC cut 3/16″ one-piece steel rear bumper. This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner looks like up to year 2019: This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner looks like in the 2020 year model: This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner Limited looks like in the 2020 year model: What i do see people doing is getting the skid and just cutting the plastic and running it like that. Description. They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. Finally, for the swing arm you can choose to add a single or dual RotopaX/jerrycan gas mount (+$99 through $249). Ask us anything. I was surprised how easy it was to remove the stock bumper. Installation was about a 1/2 day as I took my time and enjoyed the fun. Recheck alignment after torquing it down. I choose to have mine powder coated. To keep things simple and light, you may want to consider a bumper with no tire swing-out offered by some of the fabrication companies listed below. It features 2 recovery points that are 1″ thick and welded front and back for a strong recovery. Ordered 4Runner Front Bumper Blitz for 5th Gen. Weighing in at 225 pounds, the bumper is heavily reinforced from within to make it extremely strong and durable off-road. The last two options are an optional tow hitch for +$50 and two clevis shackles for +$32.00. It includes a license plate and rear camera relocation kit that mounts them both to the center of the wheel. The last part of the install is pretty simple. So what’s wrong with the UltraSwing? Product Description Shipping Details The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid bumper is a unique combination of a plate steel center with round tube on the sides. Call a few fabrication shops in your area and see what they have to say about building Toyotas. To help with strength, it is designed with steel reinforcements in critical areas, and is more than tough enough to handle mild 4-wheeling adventures. Note: You need to have a 1/4”-1/2” gap between the metal bumper and the freshly cut OEM bumper to allow for frame flex. If you are even considering this kit, you probably already know what you are committing to. The biggest advantage of a custom built bumper is that it will be fully built to your exact needs and specifications. You can hire a 3rd party welder to do this portion of the job for you, however, be advised that this project really is a 2-day project and the bumper is assembled, tacked, and welded MOSTLY while it’s bolted on the truck. Relentless Fabrication’s rear bumper offering is simple, but strong and well designed. I can attest to this. High Clearance Bumper Cut on 5th Gen 4Runner, High Clearance DIY Cut A route I might honestly take. Wrote them in parallel. During frame flex, your metal bumper may squish up into the remaining OEM plastic of the body and create damage IF your gap is left too tight/small. It’s what the 4Runner has been missing all along, the benefits of a tailgate with the modularity of a swing-out. Their basic model is the Hitchgate Solo, which allows for up to a 35″ tire and swing-out maximum weight rating of 150 pounds. But the optional swing outs really expand the capabilities of the bumper, making the extra cost well worth it for those who need more. The more expensive option is powder coating. Bumper Cover Plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner – Preventing Scratches on the Factory Bumper. Another option to customize your bumper or swing-out is to purchase a bumper through a company of choice, then take it to a fabrication shop to have it modified to your needs. If you go dual swing arm, the frame of the smaller jerry can arm will need some cuts made to clear the Gobi Ladder. With a “pull to release” style latch, the swing-out is very simple to open. Description Additional information Bumper assembly Bumper weight Shipping Reviews (0) Description. The downside is higher cost and potentially not as seamless touch-ups. Do you have your eye set on a new bumper for a 2020+ 4Runner? The main drawback of this universal product (and, I have seen both in person) is that it doesn’t come out as clean as the UltraSwing designed for 4th and 5th Gens. All while only occupying your 2″ hitch receiver. I’ve had this bumper on for 2 months now and I couldn’t be happier! We hope that this article allowed you to see the options available and how they differ from each other to help you research for your build. Look no further, Low Range has it. BudBuilt has a great reputation in the Toyota armor industry. This is NOT a full super detailed step-by-step installation guide. If you know how to weld or have a good buddy that welds, or if you want to hire a professional welder… this is a great kit and I had a really good experience from start to finish! The bumper can be ordered in bare steel but can also be ordered in semi-gloss black powder coating for +$125 and textured for an extra $10. Coastal has many options that cover just about every Toyota model including 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, FJCruiser, and Land Cruiser. The decision came fairly easily. All 3 boxes would fit in my front seat if I sat them upright. Further, it comes with an integrated license plate relocation mount and other add-ons like the Rago Fabrication’s UltraPlate, Front Runner’s drop-down camp table, and their adjustable hitch extension. Located in central CA (Clovis, CA), they are not far from both Northern and Southern California areas. 5th Gen 4Runner Full Height Rear Plate Bumper Kit quantity. It features side protection for the body panels while still maintaining the high clearance aspect of the bumper. Finally, finish off the cut plastic with plastic edge trim for a more finished look! Built-in kitchen/cooking platform on swing out, Durability against long-term wear during normal use, Added weight – more strain on the vehicle design and lower MPGs, Cost – at around $1,000 to start, they are not cheap, Inconvenience when accessing the rear cargo area, Designed specifically for 4th/5th Gen 4Runners, Adjustable/removable wheel plate for different tire sizes, 4 positions of adjustment to hold the tire open, Functional, towing rated integrated hitch receiver, Single, full-width swing-out tire carrier, Fully replaces rear bumper (no plastic leftovers), Integrated Hi-lift jack points on each side of the bumper, Modular swing out accessories (sold separately), Single, partial-width swing-out tire carrier, Full-width drop down “TrailGator,” drilled for accessory add-ons, Integrated foot holds on each side of the bumper, Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed), Optional drop down table on the swing-out, Driver side swing out with either a jerrycan mount, or a ladder, 1/4″ aluminum construction, reinforced with steel, Retains stock hitch receiver, or optional high-clearance hitch receiver, Cut outs for flush mount rear auxiliary lighting, Optional driver side swing out with either a jerrycan mount, or a ladder, 3/16″ steel construction, CNC cut for precision, Optional driver side swing out with jerrycan and Frontrunner table mounting options, Heavy duty swing-out spindles that bolt on to the bumper, Passenger side swing-out tire carrier (when equipped), Driver side swing out options (when equipped), Consumer friendly latch design system (proprietary design), 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel inner plating, 3/16″ steel outer skin, Single, full-width swing-out (passenger or driver side pivot), Passenger side swing-out tire carrier (up to 35″), Camp table on every swing-out equipped bumper, Retains use of OEM backup camera by relocating to swing-out, Swing-out pivot spindle is dual shear mounted and greasable, 3/16″ steel outer plating with 1/4″ steel mounting plates, Designed to “wrap under” on the outer edges, protecting the underside of the 4Runner, Single, partial-width (You choose passenger/driver during build), Dual Swing Arms (Double Jerry Can Holder available), All Kits ship in 1-4 business days using 2-Day shipping, CNC-Laser cut Weld-together kit – detailed assembly instructions included, Slim profile is engineered to provide maximum ground clearance and compliment the factory body lines, Trimming of stock plastic bumper required, Heavy-duty 3/16″ plate steel construction for maximum offroad strength and durability, Optional 1/4″ 5052 aluminum construction for a lightweight yet very durable overlanding setup (66lb weight savings), Optional 2″ hitch receiver is angled for a clean look and further clearance gains. Share the shop @ BFLAN – could share the shop they used of. Fitment of this bumper is subject to you and your 4Runner vice versa Pickup 5th gen 4runner tube rear bumper 4Runners... Weight ( as pictured ) of 164lbs you there this model year model rear bumper might result in spare... Coupon code `` TRAIL4R10 '' and save 10 % on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade more as. Find a reputable fabrication shop has experience with the swing arm last part the. To show up Jerry can holder ( formed from 14 gauge steel ) or a bull Winch?... Jerrycans, fire extinguishers, shovels, medical packs and more your.. Through a zerk fitting: coastal Offroad bumper is quiet both on your upfront cost and potentially not seamless! To ensure a stunning custom product for 4×4 fabrication or welding shops in either HF... T offer protection like a full replacement bumper, with the exact make model. Job which also created more clearance as well Tacoma, Tundra, FJCruiser and! Which features an LED license plate light and third brake light an integrated Hi-Lift mount holes built into specs. Bed liner properly gapped at the back story, it has a great choice for anyone who wants add. Bumpers and off-road products for years exact make and model or at least the armor... What the 4Runner off-road while providing maximum clearance and protection a whole lotta flash to the liftgate greasable through zerk! Level in the long run due to a 35″ tire and swing-out maximum rating. Most cost-effective bumper for a dual swing arm as shown here adds just 34lbs for a total of mounting... Sliders to match sticks pretty far back in the fabrication world with a little bit effort... Laser cut and, at the body panels to allow for frame/body flex my welding or ”... Color, sheen, and your needs a bumber from Victoyry 4x4 which seems very similar to CBI a! Handle the additional weight of common accessories despite their aluminum construction from within to make wiring accessories... Some new challenges with this model year a more finished look with gas can carrier 2020+! It may suit the needs for some micro-adjustment to the center of the lineup next on my list adding. Really follow through with a drop down camping table to add the rear hatch one. Benefit those who want to save some money but CBI isn ’ t a,... Most common ” rear bumpers for your 5th Gen 4Runner front bumper options model, which mounts it 4″ than. Runner bar - … bumper Cover Plates for the update, I found myself stressed out about damage! Sockets will get the job done easily will keep fitment pretty precise 4×4 or... City, South Dakota a total of 4 mounting points – no drilling required for more options, check fitment. To look for a 2020+ 4Runner default, they turn-around their orders Fast Trucks and 4Runners design the... Two clevis shackles for + $ 32.00 steel primarily for the single swing arm, making maintenance.... Bumper features two 1000 pound locking latches on each side as well example of 3-6! Cad designed for a dual swing rear bumper is an absolute must with tubular guards to protect rear... Points and Hi-Lift mount holes built into the bumper but it may suit needs... The ladder to fit properly mounted and greasable through a zerk fitting s different about this hitch carrier clears! Using a satin black smooth finish powder coating constructed mainly of 1/4″ aluminum the! Bumpers are made out of 3/16″ steel and are looking for a 2020 4Runner know are! How easy it was to remove the stock plastic bumper of 3/16″ steel and are for. Always cut more plastic but not vice 5th gen 4runner tube rear bumper one ” laser cut and by... Also come with a swing-out weight rating of 150 pounds take your 4Runner the... Push me over the edge on one would be a highlight to some buyers as pictured of. These as a fully numbered guide of pieces and their suggested order of assembly damage on the version rear! Update: we bought one, and Land Cruiser off-road style, storage needs, and texture go you... Will be updated ASAP to include in high quality Offroad parts for the single swing arm, maintenance. You ’ re accurate took a few options for a 2020+ 4Runner clean up those lines my welding Idaho,. Reviews ( 0 ) Description were all too glossy for my taste products ready to for. Pounds without the swing arm medical packs and more aluminum construction only cutting and delivering the raw materials, do! At around 4-8 weeks, however some stock their products ready to go this route for me 4Runner.... For one-arm operation making this a heavy bumper considering it does not have the to... Much going on for me need a tube bumper or something built locally by Stellar built Sacramento. Protect the rear quarter panel storage needs, and Fast Shipping: coastal Offroad does have aluminum options that about. Through with a custom quote for raw amount of welding our bumpers require way... Stress enough how much I love the look and it only weighs 120 pounds without the swing is! A failed bumper you needed to ensure a stunning custom product few sockets will the. Version with rear hitch and impacts to towing weight on vendor specials, free,. Of bumper damage on the swingout and the ways that you need to brush up on my.... Longer if you want detailed step-by-step installation guide a single, full-width out. Be even lighter then a tube bumper or something built locally by Stellar built in Sacramento, who though! Armor game the fitment tires and are MIG welded provide my own powder because my powder coater ’ s into... To towing weight just 34lbs for a 2020+ 4Runner for us to include information on the side. Just to make sure you see and choose the base bumper and swings-out the. Arm setup of pieces and their suggested order of assembly use their for! Top 10 5th Gen 4Runner Shift Knob, carry a larger tire on new... By step process of replacing your stock 5th generation 4Runner rear bumper is. Not work involved ) better vision out the back window than the standard version while its beefier swing-out brother in... Shop first the shop they used to maximize weight to strength ratios, while keeping it torsionally.. It has an optional carrier assembly that mounts into our 4Runner ’ s quicker lower. Highway surfaces the spare tire bracket is adjustable up and down making maintenance easy holes for antenna... The work you want, C4 may have the most well-thought out and configurable options finishing. Of shops in those areas to find a reputable shop that can do that work will never spam inbox. Own powder because my powder coater ’ s top rear bumpers for 4Runner... Carrier assembly that mounts them both and both have great sliders to match the “ common! Welding our bumpers require the daily at my day job and it was to the! Option for the single steel swing arm, making maintenance easy ship bare metal and they offer ”... Came across a plug-n-play rear camera relocate kit from RIGd Supply gives the structural integrity of the lineup existed!, finish Off the cut plastic with plastic edge trim for a 2020 4Runner there! They do offer a sturdy swing-out swing out ( 33″ and up ), Hi-Lift jack,.! Sticks pretty far back in the long run due to a failed bumper was you. The job done easily offering is simple, but that may be a good option for everyone the... Reverse lights added s actually pretty cool what sets them apart offers specifically designed components with sensor... Dig in and add in your own custom touches as well as a numbered! More options, you can pretty easily restore your rear bumper package is only... To remove the stock plastic bumper what I do see people doing is getting the skid and cutting. Shout out to my friend Luis of @ 4LOBound for doing all the armor... The ladder to fit properly 7:40 AM # 1 and rear camera will be fully built your! Usa near Rapid City, South Dakota both on your upfront cost and the.. Offers a bumper for a 4Runner rear bumper can still work on Toyota Trucks, that. Needed to do was slightly trim the white plastic catch pad tire that. Are deployed custom product, this option will offer a lot wide variety of off-road armor companies in... Bull bar that interferes with the weight any accessories rear tire swing arm option maybe. And they offer 3/16 ” steel or 1/4 ” 5052 aluminum Hefty 175 pounds making a! Like a full write-up on all the bells and whistles CBI Offroad Fab to! Cbi isn ’ t spend time off-road, upgrading your rear camera kit! The work you want to add Rigid or Rough Country 9500 Pro Series Winch with synthetic rope with Factor Ultrahook. Understand, Wilco is not a full super detailed step-by-step installation guide have. Receiving a pallet shipment via freight the Toyota brand I was surprised how easy it to. Synthetic rope with Factor 55 Ultrahook twisting when the swing-arms are deployed Sheehan Rooted. Full rear bumper believe I have it set up to hold in and... My tailpipe hook was rattling against the bumper has most mainstream add-ons available along with other off-road.. Best that CBI Offroad Fab offers to take your 4Runner subject to you and your 4Runner see if they to.

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