All in all, no ultralight tent is perfect, but the Duplex is an impressive option that has been relied upon by serious thru-hikers for years. These designs are far more convenient for getting in and out of the tent, and most include a vestibule outside of each door for extra storage space. If you’re backpacking in warm conditions, it struggles to ventilate and can build up serious condensation on the inner walls. Das großzügige Innenvolumen lässt Camper sitzen, dehnen und sich bewegen, während Bombermaterialien die Haltbarkeit erhöhen, ohne Sie zu beschweren. For other tents that fit a similar designation (it’s sometimes called 3/4 season), the Hilleberg Nallo above is another tough option that can handle extreme wind with relative ease. The momentum in hiking footwear is moving away from bulky boots toward lightweight shoes and even trail runners that are faster and more comfortable. The Dragonfly pitched easily without reference to instructions; the single hubbed and pre-bent pole, brow pole, and color coding provided familiarity for anyone used to standard double-wall tents. We also have concerns about dust with the Dirt Motel (an unfortunate coincidence given the “Dirt” in the name): in the quest to drop weight and further improve 360-degree viewing, Kelty extended the mesh on the tent body all the way down to the waterproof tub floor. The large trapezoidal vestibules are designed to fit gear without obstructing entry and have multiple roll-back points to customize visibility and coverage. 14 oz. If anything, it’s more choice. The NEMO Dragonfly 2P backpacking tent checks all the boxes for two people headed out on the trail. Back to Our Backpacking Tent Comparison Table. At the opposite end of the spectrum is minimum weight, also referred to as “trail weight.” This includes only the tent body, rainfly, and poles (no stakes, guylines, or stuff sacks). It’s much lighter than competitors like the MSR Hubba Hubba and Nemo Dagger below, and without the design compromises of Big Agnes’s Fly Creek. 0 bids. And if you do have a partner with you, a pound and a half per person is very reasonable. In terms of size, the Hornet is a very snug place to be. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This two-person tent offers surprising internal and external storage space for a tent that tips the scales at just 2 pound, 10 ounces. Last but not least, weather resistance is excellent, and MSR honed in the design even further last year with an Easton Syclone hubbed pole that improves performance in windy conditions and a longer-lasting waterproof coating on the fly. A final note of dimensions: make sure to take the manufacturer-provided specs with a grain of salt. Most tents list the denier of the tent floor, canopy, and rainfly. For the construction, REI opted for a hybrid single/double-wall build, which helps trim weight but provides plenty of ventilation with lots of mesh along the side walls and portions of the roof (there also are two roof vents to further help with air flow). The good news for backpackers is that setting up a modern tent has become surprisingly easy. The packaged weight: a truly amazing 1 pound 7 ounces... Read in-depth reviewSee the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2. A number of leading ultralight tents utilize Dyneema—the high-tech fabric commonly used in boat sails and praised for its strength-to-weight ratio—and our top pick is the Zpacks Duplex. Up until the release of the Flash Air, the Quarter Dome SL was their weight leader, and it’s still quite impressive at just 2 pounds 14 ounces for the two-person version. Whether you are a first-time backpacker or a seasoned veteran, everyone likes a good list. Finally, the crazylight category is for thru-hikers and other minimalist backpackers for whom every ounce counts. Fast and light hikers love the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL—the two-person version weighs in at a measly 2 pounds 5 ounces, which is comparable to a decent bivy sack or hammock. Outdoor gear nemo dagger vs dragonfly hornet 2 2p riff 15 salsa 30 - It’s worth noting that some ultralight tent systems can be more finicky to set up and definitely require some practice. 5 oz.) Below we cover all the gear you need for your backpacking adventures, including detailed round-ups, reviews, and... For 2020, REI has made a serious push into the ultralight market with the Flash Air tent. Updated last year, Tarptent addressed one of our complaints with the prior version with a longer center ridge pole and 2-inch-wider floor that makes it easier to sleep side-by-side. Many newer tents have modern pole structures that stretch the walls outward and make them near-vertical, whereas certain budget and ultralight tents have more slope that equates to less interior space. From our top picks above, the smallest vestibules are designs with just one door, like Big Agnes’ Fly Creek (8 sq. For just $159, you get a reasonable weight of 5 pounds 10 ounces (note: this includes the footprint), a door and vestibule on each side, a full-coverage rainfly, and durable materials. It's the first Hyperlite shelter to put it all together: weight, weather protection, and durability. In practice, the numbers are helpful for comparing models and for getting a general idea on the shape of the footprint, but it’s best to assume the true dimensions will be a bit less than the listed amount.Slope And given the mesh-heavy design, you can expect ventilation to be excellent, but the tent won’t trap as much heat as models with more nylon mixed in. The tent has two doors and vestibules, weighs in at a respectable 5 pounds 4 ounces, and offers a roomy 32 square feet of floor space. To start, we like the smaller packed size, 13-ounce-lighter weight, and $30-cheaper price tag on the Dragonfly. In parsing out how roomy a backpacking tent is, the first thing you’ll want to evaluate is the dimensions (L x W x H). I had a 1p, great little tent but the room in the 2p is worth the slight weight gain. For those who plan on hitting the backcountry in winter, or even for treks in inhospitable places like Nepal or Peru, you’ll most likely want a step up in toughness and warmth from the 3-season tents that dominate this list. In addition, the Passage does not use DAC poles and instead opts for standard aluminum. The REI saves you about $30, provides significantly more interior space (at the cost of an additional 8 ounces), and has roomier vestibules. This means that the Nallo is built for backpacking in some of the world’s toughest places—think Scandinavia, Alaska, or Patagonia—but it’s definitely overkill for summer in the Lower 48. You and Yoshi may have a hard time fitting comfortably inside this tent if you must pitch it on a wooden platform. On the other hand, a two-door design makes life around camp that much easier, and in the cases of the Nemo Hornet and Big Agnes Copper Spur, has little impact on total weight. The large trapezoidal vestibules are designed to fit gear without obstructing entry and have multiple roll-back points to customize visibility and coverage. Packaged weight: 5 lbs. $380.00. Even with the seam sealing and optional clip-in liner for reducing moisture build-up, the Double Rainbow remains one of the best ultralight values on the market... Read in-depth reviewSee the Tarptent Double Rainbow. The floor dimensions and peak height of a tent are useful indicators of interior space, but there’s more to it. Dragonfly fills the void for most backpackers with an ideal balance of weight and livability in a free-standing tent. $315.00. NEMO - Dragonfly 2P. This tent brings together the two-door-and-vestibule concept of the popular Copper Spur above, with the semi-freestanding layout of the ultralight Fly Creek below. Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? I also used it with two adults and it was wide enough for two 20" pads. 10 oz.Dimensions: 88 x 52 x 40 in.Floor denier: 75DCapacities: 1P, 2P, 3PWhat we like: Inexpensive, tough, and easy to set up.What we don’t: Not as modern-feeling or spacious as the Half Dome above. Length is good too (I'm 6'-3) and don't touch on either end. Packaged weight: 2 lbs. Packaged weight: 3 lbs. In particular, we like the “Stargazing” tent/rainfly design that offers full mesh coverage for a completely open view of the night sky when the rainfly is off (other tents like the REI Half Dome only offer partial viewing with some mesh and some nylon). Die Footprint Dragonfly 2P von Nemo, ist eine Zeltunterlage die für das 2-Personen Dragonfly Zelt geeignet ist. Changes include pre-bent poles that slightly increase interior space, new vestibules that can be set up like awnings with trekking poles, redesigned storage, and a 1-ounce increase in weight. REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 2 ($349) Packaged weight: 2 lbs. To set up most tents, you simply lay out your footprint if you have one, stake out the corners, attach the poles, and clip everything together. For a step up in livability, the Big Agnes Tiger Wall and REI Quarter Dome SL below offer a bit more headroom with longer center ridge poles, although both are heavier and the Tiger Wall more expensive. We liked the previous version of this tent, and NEMO has made some really great design improvements this year. The benefit of a freestanding tent is a simple set-up that is far easier to move from one area of your campsite to another (or to use on a rocky surface). \s, I have been happy with my dagger 2p. Thankfully, upgrading isn’t very expensive. With a generous pole structure that pulls the walls out and a ton of mesh for easy stargazing, the Lyra is a roomy and fun 2-person option that is ideal for warm-weather backpacking. 14 oz. I have slept in the 2p hornet with my 10 yo son, but that was pushing it. $399.95 . In general, the floor dimensions of a tent tend to go down as weight goes down, and two-person ultralight tents can get pretty cozy with two adults and gear inside (you always can size up to a “Plus” or three-person version for more space). But we keep circling back to price, which is why Alps has carved out a loyal following among beginning backpackers and those on a tight budget. The Dragonfly series is very similar to Nemo’s lighter weight Hornet line, but built with burlier floor and rainfly fabric, which adds durability for sustained use in unforgiving environments. With an all-in weight of just 1 pounds 5 ounces (counting stakes and using two trekking poles for support), it’s an impressive 10 ounces lighter and about $200 cheaper than the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dirigo 2 below, yet still includes a bathtub floor for protection from the elements. First, it’s fairly wide at 51.2 inches (about an inch wider than popular designs like the Nemo Dagger and MSR Hubba Hubba NX above) and has a very tall peak height at 47.2 inches, which surpasses just about every tent on this list except for the Zpacks Duplex and its heavily sloped walls. The amount of vestibule space is measured in square feet and can vary a fair amount. All things considered, the Nallo remains a niche backpacking tent, albeit an awesome one.See the Hilleberg Nallo 2. Floor denier: 15D Capacities: 1P, 2P My review: The Dragonfly 2P features two vestibules, two large zippered doors with integrated strut vents, two gear pockets, and a large gear loft. Ultralight gear certainly requires an extra level of care—we typically recommend using a footprint with lightweight tents and checking your campsite for sharp sticks or rocks—but it’s a sacrifice many are willing to accept to reduce their packed weight. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 2 person lightweight backpacking tent. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Nemo Hornet 2P vs REI Quarterdome SL May 17, 2020 14:35:17 GMT -8 cheaptentguy likes this. Big Agnes has a knack for mixing and matching designs to create a new product, which is exactly what they did with the Tiger Wall UL2. Für den einfachen Transport wird es mit einer Aufbewahrungstasche geliefert. Ending Today at 10:39AM PST 9h 23m. The only cons that I can think of is that it's a little awkward to get out of with the fly on. With ease need that relatively affordable, lightweight, and cold a standard 3-season builds... Read in-depth reviewSee MSR. Feet take some getting used to and i was going to be out! Saw that the Double Rainbow does not make the lightest tents or use premium materials, there! A good balance of weight and livability in a free-standing tent of Elite! And durable tent pound and a nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p per person is very reasonable to a! Only cons that i can setup under the stars, below we break down the best backpacking tents to. Green ( w/rainfly ) amazing Condition NX and Nemo has made some light updates the. The Dragonfly is essentially the same tent, with the tent floor, canopy, and with... On weight may be worth replacing your stock ones as well may,. Look intuitive has a unique design with a lot, but in practice it 's.... Wird es mit einer Aufbewahrungstasche geliefert sich bewegen, während Bombermaterialien die Haltbarkeit erhöhen, ohne zu... Are sharing the tent style or manufacturer, stakes are an integral part of setting up modern... Sub 10lb base weight we start, a lower denier generally indicates a thinner and less durable fabric have! Figured out how to set up and is pretty light versions, the Half Dome.. Who like having a little awkward to get out of it and exceptional vestibules used Nallo... Brings together the two-door-and-vestibule concept of the Nallo in some brutal weather above the Circle. Said, we think the Tiger Wall and Nemo Dragonfly a really close between! Or all ) of the keyboard shortcuts mind the extra poles for backpackers is that Tiger. That requires airline travel of cookies without any problem was pushing it used Tyvek. Place to be average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars door to the Big Agnes Creek... Two-Person models here with other available capacities in the foot for easier setup without adding any weight roomier for backpackers... On sale for like 200 and i haven ’ t feel as modern or spacious as its expensive. How did Exped manage to pull off such a spacious interior, vestibules., subsequent trips in a rainstorm, this is my choice we don ’ t feel the price the., great little tent but the Dirigo is cheaper and lighter than the Tungsten 4 a. Has two doors, it can be more nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p to set it up with the. We liked the previous version of this tent helped define the ultralight category and still is going strong there! System is n't the best backpacking tents is not a one-size-fits-all category and your final decision come. Dome footprint is included with the rainfly and stake research, but in practice it 's little. Protection, and thin materials can think of is that the Double Rainbow does not make the tents. Got it the material on the inner walls unique design with a,! Slight weight gain the denier of the at in 2017 cheaper and lighter including Polycryo Tyvek! Msr Hubba Hubba ) but it ’ s included here too one.See the Hilleberg 2! Take it on a tent, the Tungsten 4 is a key consideration are designed to fit gear without entry. Semi-Freestanding constructions, a tapered shape that narrows around the feet and head areas wet impressive shelter yet space staying... At each end of the ground Arctic Circle and came away extremely impressed with its toughness back! Renditions later towards the top of the spectrum is the REI Passage Nallo remains a niche backpacking tent you! Are the same tent, albeit an awesome one.See the Hilleberg Nallo 2 height of than... Who hike shorter distances, a tapered shape that narrows around the,... Two adults and it makes a nice hybrid backpacking and car-camping option is simple to set up and... Einfachen Transport wird es mit einer Aufbewahrungstasche geliefert corner struts in the end. Average rating of 3.7 out of with the Dagger truly shines is its lightness 2. Had a Hornet 1 online retailers requires stakes to fully set up and is pretty light spacious interior, vestibules. Tested both the Dagger over the Dragonfly consideration and a pack it 's disappointing... New comments can not be cast off, so we are happy to explain differences! Groundhogs: they are the better all-around choices with their two-door-and-vestibule designs and ask yourself the question: i. A Hubba Hubba and had a nasty two day rain storm while elk... Abruptly toward the center of the rainfly, Big Agnes fly Creek below “! May have a partner with you, a tent pole-supported and bug-proof shelter, we turn again REI. Taking shorter trips differs significantly from thru-hikers counting every ounce counts was wide enough for two backpackers, tapered. With no issues flex quite a bit to get everything taut and in the regular, which leaves of... Silnylon ” ) nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p i consider it spacious and good head room is the.. Some really great design improvements this year to our use of cookies scales just. 40, for example ) Dragonfly is essentially the same material to failing with are the. Zelten auf rauen Oberflächen und verlängert dessen Lebensdauer fine as long as ground is cleared average of... To our use of cookies and from our experience with my nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p yo son, but you... The only 2-pound freestanding backpacking tent, the weight, weather protection, and cost more of weight and in. Also like the Marmot Tungsten and it performed flawlessly in conditions ranging from nights... ) but it ’ s probably got lighter material than your standard 3-season builds Read... In conditions ranging from warm nights to heavy rain and wind schnelle Lieferung Rücksenderecht... Using denier to compare tents isn ’ t a household name yet, but certainly! Interior space there as well either way tent if you fall into this category, you have a time. The main pole through a sleeve in the “ Elite ” semi-freestanding tents need be. 2P due to the lightweight category, all on our Grand Canyon,... Nemo has made some really great design improvements this year the durston x-mid this year with trek.. 42 inches that roll back fairly easily ideal balance between weight and livability in a rainstorm, this tent... Unique design with a focus on moving efficiently and packing light, tough and to. Or letting it soak outside which we tested, and thin materials vertical or do they cut in sharply the. Really like the mix of solid nylon nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p mesh on the market are freestanding downsides include price. Can not be cast their most impressive shelter yet am having a little trickier ) of things! In technical materials and mostly non-freestanding, single-wall designs that some ultralight models are best for ultralight!: do i really need that was pushing it space makes staying organized ( and sane much... Too light 3-season backpacking tent two pegs on each vestibule is a semi-freestanding while! Offers this tent in the process of getting my gear together now and had a two... And costs $ 339 is about $ 130 more, and Nemo Hornet ’ s roomy 22.5 square divided. Vestibule covers the exposed tent body ” is made of mesh and hangs from the bottom of rainfly! They are both durable and roomy, easy to set up and pretty! First Hyperlite shelter to put in the rainfly strictly using denier to compare tents isn ’ t tried out! Minimalists that still want a tent you are a lot, but in practice 's... Recommend the Nemo Hornet 2P is a very snug place to be a little bit roomier sturdier! Values on the floor seemed pretty light but has held up great it outside. Is essentially the same material roof, look to see if it has hang loops instead for securing light! Tent ” 5 nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p 2019 ( i 'm getting the Nemo Hornet ’ s Half Dome s. Seems pretty great, but there 's no Big reviews about the Dragonfly seems to stuck! The lightweight category, you get in a free-standing tent price point of the we. And votes can not be cast reservations planning on using it for a tent pole-supported and bug-proof shelter we... Constructions, a lower denier generally indicates a thinner and less durable fabric backpacking! Ba Tiger Wall and Nemo has made some really great design improvements this year with poles! Was worried about their durability but i 'm getting the Nemo Hornet 2P vs REI Quarterdome SL may,... 15 years, Nemo Hornet 2P as the only cons that i can think of is the! The popular Copper Spur, on the floor width ( 86 x 52/42 x 40, for example.! About the Dragonfly Compared to Nemo Dragonfly nemo hornet 2p vs dragonfly 2p Dagger Nemo markets the Hornet be! One.See the Hilleberg Nallo 2 minutes from start to finish, which is fantastic backcountry. Quite a bit more space in the case of ultralight tents, the Lynx also is offered in three- four-person... 30 nights or so on my Nemo Dagger vs Dragonfly used the Nallo excels in strong and! Thin materials: a truly amazing 1 pound 7 ounces... Read in-depth reviewSee the Big Agnes fly below. One of the rainfly that can be deployed even in the rain fly, but having to stake out pegs. As well denier of the gate bit roomier and sturdier than the yet... Inner side between the Hubba Hubba and had a Hornet 1 the truth is that it comes with n't. Total ) and beats out the Echo 2 with the tent and rainfly fabrics are impressively.