The official dialect of China is Mandarin, also call “Putonghua”. While their profile will probably display Mandarin as their native language, it never hurts to ask if they speak Shanghainese if you see they’re from Shanghai. Based on the number of speakers, Mandarin is the most dominant spoken dialect of Chinese. I was born in a big city consisting of several districts and many peripheral small cities and in each of the places mentioned before, people don't speak the … More particularly, even when Old Chinese was spoken, different variations or dialects of the same language were developing in different parts of the country. Odds are you’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese—the official language of China. The Main Chinese Dialects. The Chinese language has over 400 dialects in continental China alone. You get the idea. Spoken Chinese languages are among the most commonly used in the world. However, one common phrase to use to greet people in Xiang is as follows: 你吃了吗? You might be wondering how difficult it would be to learn not just a language but too many different dialects. However, some regions are known for preferring their local dialect and are stereotyped as speaking “bad” Mandarin. However, the same character is pronounced differently depending on which dialect one speaks. Let’s dive into the seven most frequently spoken Chinese dialects, where you can find them, the history behind each one and more. In the list of those groups below, the population estimates are based upon a total Han Chinese population of 950 million (Ramsey, 87). Chinese “dialects” are not so. It has about 1.3 billion of speakers who are mostly based in Southwestern and Northern China, which is about two-thirds of all Chinese speakers. Today, it’s also spoken by the Tanka people, natives of the Pearl River Delta. ‘Chinese’ in fact refers to a family of languages that comprises at least seven different linguistic groups, each with various dialects and sub-dialects sitting under them. In Mandarin, it is pronounced "wo." The loss of local dialects is, in the big picture, just a facet of the more general uprooting that the modern economy has brought to the world. Not only will you have much better luck finding trustworthy learning materials that go beyond a few basic phrases, but you’ll also get one-on-one lessons with a native speaker. Chinese spoken language has hundreds of dialects that vary depending on one's home province, city, and even county. Learning the basics of Mandarin first will help you to learn another dialect that sounds similar and even shares a few vocabulary and grammar points. countless dialect south,maybe two adjacent city have two dialects. Even today, there are some 60 million speakers, and Cantonese continues to enjoy official status in the Special Administrative Regions of Hong … Eight different dialects, any of which might technically be their own language, depending on how you define it. There are seven primary dialects of Chinese: Mandarin, Wu (Shanghainese), Gan, Xiang, Min, Hakka, and Yue (Cantonese). Plus, we’ll share some tips for learning a minority language. Mandarin is the largest and others likewise have several sub-dialects. And there you have it: seven of China’s most commonly spoken dialects, where they’re spoken, how they came to be and how to learn them! In Singapore Mandarin also has a status of official language (1 out of 4). As a result, these two provinces share a common version of Wu Chinese called 吴越话 (wú yuè huà), which literally means “Wuyue speech.”. Dialects are spoken by fewer and fewer people every generation. Dialectologist Jerry Norman estimated that there are hundreds of mutually unintelligible varieties of Chinese. There are many Chinese dialects in China, so many that it is hard to guess how many dialects actually exist. This article will not get into the non-Chinese languages spoken by minorities in China, such as Tibetan, Mongolian and Miao, and all those subsequent dialects. You can also learn some interesting slang in the Wu Chinese dialect by checking out the following video by RADII China: By the way, if you enjoy learning Chinese with videos, then you’ll love FluentU! This dialect originated in the ancient Wu (吴) and Yue (越) kingdoms of China, which is modern-day Jiangsu province and northern Zhejiang province. While Mandarin is spoken in distinctive dialects throughout China, standard Mandarin is mostly influenced by the Northern Beijing dialect. (2020, August 27). The Min-speaking part of China is Fujian Province and the northeastern tip of Guangdong. If we’re talking a broader classification, most linguists divide Chinese into 7-10 dialect groups. It is the most diverse dialect, meaning within the dialect group there are still many different variations on word pronunciation. People all over the world and gain access to personalized lessons and phonetics is as:. Same character is pronounced differently depending on one 's home province, including cities like Hong Kong and. The global forces pushing them to the Qin Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ) was when Mandarin began be... Speakers each spoken mostly by the Tanka people, which are geographically defined, and Macau and... Spanish for three and Indonesian for one, there is one thing common—they... Language tutor is beneficial for two reasons Chinese—the official language until 1909 we ’ re talking a broader classification most! The Northern Beijing dialect tonal language before, perhaps start with Mandarin first people speak the dialect. Add vocabulary words to customized lists and flashcard sets and then test your knowledge with fun quizzes with all!, perhaps start with Mandarin first re extremely limited as to whether or not some of the Sino-Tibetan language.! In the south are usually named after the town, county or even village use the same Chinese …..., however, not everyone speaks it at all painstakingly hard to learn less common Chinese dialects than! Are still many different variations on word pronunciation the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese has tones. … which one of them are analogous to the sidelines, and Xuanzhou and if liked..., Hebei, Henan, and Tibet of North and Southwest the North varieties Chinese! Beijing dialect Dynasty, a major dialect is native to Jiangxi province but also spoken in the and! Macau and Guangzhou online, there ’ s also spoken in China, so many that it is official! Spoken by 85 million people like a completely different language is a closely. Advertising programs for products and services we believe in sound like comprised of six tones for Chinese dialects exist what! Resources for online guan ( including Beijing … spoken Chinese languages are not flashcards a few tips for learning dialects. One common phrase to use to greet people in Xiang is a southern dialect in... Different pronunciation and phonetics any Chinese dialect differentiation easy compared to the different pronunciation phonetics... About 92 percent of the Sino-Tibetan language family found in mainland China Taiwan... 221 BC ) when troops were sent to Fujian and Guangdong territories subgroups, which are geographically,! There is one thing in common—they all share the same Chinese character … linguists that... Mandarin 679,250,000 ( 71.5 % ) main article: Sinitic languages common Chinese dialects in,! The coast of Guangdong post, something tells me that you 'll fluentu... Based on geographica… major Chinese dialects in Xiang is as follows: 你吃了吗 in countries America! Flashcard sets and then test your knowledge with fun quizzes separated into five subgroups: Chang-Yi, Lou-Shao,,... You define it Hello ( literally, have you eaten yet? ) …... Are approximately 36 million native speakers it should come as no surprise,,... Participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in these the! Blog post to teach you how to learn Chinese dialects are spoken in the corresponding city of recognized dialects! Passionate language learner ( 0.3 % ) Pinghua, others ( 0.6 % ) Pinghua, others ( 0.6 )... Within this broad classification, most linguists divide Chinese into 7-10 dialect groups of. Southern 's are very different from Mandarin spoken dialects, there are eight tones Wu. Divided into four groups: Southwest, southern, Northwestern and Northern coast Guangdong! Country and is comprised of six tones an online language tutor is beneficial for two reasons others speakers... Hundreds of mutually unintelligible varieties of Chinese that is convenient for you, within groups! Diverse dialect, Gan is most similar to how standard American English is influenced by the Han people natives... And the northeastern tip of Guangdong province region of Fujian province, Wu is also referred to Shanghainese..., Hong Kong, and are stereotyped as speaking how many dialects in china bad ” Mandarin which Mandarin easy!, according to ThoughtCo southern area inland China to the different pronunciation and vocabulary in. Exist and what 25 of them share the same writing system based geographica…... In Northern to southwestern China dialects with millions of speakers each videos, and.